Festival is getting closer

Less than a month to go. Have you managed some paddling this season?

The Daily Timings page has the important start times for workshops and evening meals and more.


Vans along the front

Almost everyone has been allocated their workshop choices and the workshop names and lists will be available for you to check in the marquee all weekend.


Packing all done!

The Kit List page contains a checklist of what to bring. It’s not comprehensive, so if you want your fluffy Daniel Craig pillow case you’ll need to remember that yourself, but it’s a very good start. Top tip: once the essentials are packed, chuck in a comfy chair and midge repellent.

If you want to arrange car sharing, please use the WSKF Facebook page  – if you don’t have access to FB drop me an email with your request / offer and contact details, and I’ll post for you.

The evening activities we have lined up include a beer tasting from Bute Brew Company, a raffle to win some lovely local goodies from Bute Signs who will do a graphic for your sea kayak, some beer from Bute Brew Co, and a voucher for Port Edgar Watersports.

Plus, just in case you wanted more inspiration, we have a couple of talks lined up for after dinner: Zoe Newsam will talk about paddling around Scotland during one of the most challenging summers of weather, and we’ll also hear about paddling in arctic Norway and the Arctic Women’s Playground sea kayaking event.

Not long to go now!