Festival after dinner entertainment: Sea kayakers quiz and Sorcha Cantwell – marine litter and plastics in the future.

We’re pleased to confirm the speaker for Saturday evening at the Women’s Sea Kayak Festival.

Sorcha Cantwell is the founder of the Scottish Coastal Clean-up Project, an ongoing project to rid our coastline of marine litter and bring about change in how we view and use plastics for the future.

Sorcha says “being based in Largs, I’ve always loved the sea and it’s inhabitants. Having been in or on the sea since I was a small child I’ve seen the progressive worsening of plastic pollution on our shores.

Last year I had simply seen and had enough. I started on a journey around the Scottish coastline documenting my beach cleans, raising awareness and encouraging others to do the same.

On this journey I have cried, laughed, spoken to members of Scottish Parliament, addressed conferences both here and abroad. And I’m still at it.

On Friday evening we will have a kayaking-themed quiz, with photos and fun questions for all.