Workshops in 2018

We hope the workshops will allow you to try something new, build on skills, gain more confidence, learn something, have fun, do daft stuff, meet others, and enjoy a day out.

  • Supported by one or more coaches per workshop depending on numbers of participants.
  • The ratio will be no more than 1:6, though popular workshops may have more than 6 participants

A note about rescue skills

Rescue skills in all their forms are useful to everyone, no matter what stage you are at. Although we haven’t planned a specific rescue workshop, there is scope to practise these skills on all sessions. Good boat handling enables you to get to where you need to be to carry out a rescue or set up a tow. Wet stuff gives you lots of opportunities for getting yourself and others back into boats. Leadership will cover managing incidents and on a day trip there will probably be someone happy to be towed for a while!

Workshops details

WS1: Effective boat handling for beginners

Make that boat behave! Techniques and strokes to improve your boat control, no matter where you want to go. We’ll look at the fundamental skills that underpin all your manoeuvring, setting you up to work with your boat rather than fighting it.

WS2: Improve your boat handling

Take your boat handling from effective to efficient. Working in more challenging situations and conditions (weather permitting), we’ll cover technical and tactical approaches that will make manoeuvring your boat as easy as possible.

WS3: Love the wet stuff

How many ways can you paddle a boat without falling in? How many ways can you get back in a boat if you do fall in? Lots of fun, games, and general silliness, which as well as providing excellent photo opportunities will help your balance and confidence. The day will also include an easy half-day paddle.

WS4: Trip planning theory and practice

A basic understanding of weather and tides will help you to anticipate the conditions you might find on the water, whether you’re wanting to paddle more independently or just understand the decisions others are making. We’ll start out on land, and make our plan for the afternoon based on what we have learned in the morning.

WS5: Leadership and group management

This is a workshop for those who are looking to play an active role in decision-making on trips. Topics may include planning and tactics, incident management, and rescues. During the course of the day there will be the opportunity for participants to either take charge of the group, or work together as a team to tackle challenging situations, while knowing there is an experienced coach there to run ideas past and provide feedback.

WS6: Moderate day paddle

Just looking for a fun day out? Depending on weather and the group, you’ll cover around 15-20 km (approx. 4-5 hours), with stops on the way. There will be tips for for working on your forward paddling and other skills during the day if you fancy, or you can just enjoy the journey.

WS7: Challenging day paddle

You’re a confident paddler who’d like to push your boundaries: travel further (around 25-30km), tackle open crossings, or venture into rougher water. If you’re quite a strong paddler but tend to stay in your comfort zone this is a great opportunity to take advantage of being with a guide. There will also be scope for working on forward paddling or other techniques during the day if you wish.

Circumnavigation of Bute: with sufficient demand and appropriate weather, there is an option for the three Challenging day paddles to add up to a circumnavigation of Bute. If you are interested in this, please select it as an additional option on the booking form.

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