Update on Women’s Scottish Sea Kayak Festival 2020

I am writing this post, because after much thought and consideration, I have taken the decision to take a break from organising the Women’s Scottish Sea Kayak Festival for 2020. It’s a decision taken by myself with the agreement and support of the other organisers, Laura Bennitt, Cathie MacDonald and Roddy McDowell. 
Life brings change and many of you reading this will know that I have had a fair few challenges to face recently and it’s clear to me that making changes is what is needed. Not just for me, but all four of us have other things that require our focus, time and energy.

The Women’s Sea Kayak Festival started on the Isle of Bute in 2012 and after three successful years on Bute, 2012 – 2014, a sister festival emerged and was held in Devon in 2015. Since then the festival has alternated between Bute and Devon, the last one being in 2019 in South Devon in August 2019.

After hearing many wonderful voices of support for the festival in Devon in Aug 2019, I know many paddlers will be disappointed as many summers plans incorporate a trip to Bute!! On the positive side… I know that the festival has and continues to make a big impact on the profile and network of female sea kayak coaches, and that it has helped to change the lives of many women in no small way, and to create a much bigger and wider community of female paddlers across the UK and beyond.

Taking a break does not mean of course that we might not run another festival at some point in the future! Good things are meant to evolve!!.

Wishing you many happy paddling adventures in 2020.