Update on Women’s Sea Kayak Festival donation

It’s a been a while since I’ve posted an update on the outcome of the 2016 Festival donation.

Ross MacKenzie from Pinkston wrote to us…

“I wanted to write and thank you and the other members of the Women’s Sea-Kayaking Festival Committee for the funding you provided for the Level 1 Coaching Course. Over the course of 20 weeks we took 6 individuals with little or no paddling experience and turned them into UKCCLevel 1 coaches.

Your funding went directly to fund Fiona Shaw’s place. Fiona is a teacher involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme at her school and this qualification will allow her to introduce numerous young people to the world of paddlesports.

In total there were 6 individuals on the course; 3 male, 3 female. 3 youth workers and 3 teachers. The youngest participant was 17 and the eldest was in her 50s. One of the teachers works in the Department for Deaf Pupils at St Rochs High School and another works with the Autism Support Unit at Govan High. Without 6 participants we would not have been able to run this course, so your funding also helped to deliver these instructors as well.

All participants passed the Level 1 Assessment on the 18th June and are looking forward to putting their new skills to practice. They are supporting us with summer sessions delivery as volunteers and running sessions for the groups they are part of.

Thank you once again for your support, all the best in your planning for the 2018 Festival.

Fiona Shaw said…Thanks to the donation I’m now a Level One coach which will help me with my Duke of Edinburgh work. My teaching skills meant I was more familiar with doing lesson plans but the paddling skills were a bit more challenging for me. I like using games in my coaching and think they can work well for adults as well as kids.  

I’d like to do more sea kayaking so I can see some of the beautiful west coast, maybe next year. I’m hoping to continue my involvement with Pinkston this year. “